In order to scan your physical lab notes, you will have to first download the Colabra app on the Android app store or the iOS app store (we're available on both!).

Open up our app, log in using the same account details you used to log into your web application and click the red circle with a test vial icon on the bottom right to automatically scan and upload your lab notes to your most recent experiment (you can change the location afterward if this isn't the right place for the upload).

When you scan the notes, you will be prompted to center the picture, and you can adjust the corners to ensure you're only including what you want to include in the scan. The image will then be processed to heighten the contrast of the notes and make it easier to read.

On the backend, we run an optical character recognition to make your notes easier to find. In the next 2 months, we will be adding a Search capability to make these scanned notes possible to find at any time.

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